Sunday, July 31, 2011

Hot for hyperbole.

I suppose one of my character flaws is that I have very little patience for other people’s personality “quirks”.  I go from zero to off-the-charts irritated quickly when confronted with nonsense generated to gain attention or solicit friendships.  Being a borderline shut-in for most of my twenties provided me with the opportunity to spend enormous amounts of time with my head up my own ass, examining what I was about and why, and I came out the other side with one eyebrow permanently cocked Spock-style with disdain at...well, pretty much the entire universe.

As the years have marched on, our general culture has morphed into that guy that stands in the background of news reports done live and on the street who jumps up and down, waving his hands, perhaps pointing at his genitals.  People pour every single thought, feeling, and deepest secret out into the world.  Once, it was done to perhaps find fellowship with others feeling and thinking the same sort of thing and, ultimately, lead to some sort of personal epiphany.  Nowadays?  It’s less about finding fellowship and more about FML.